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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wag of the Finger: Riverside, New Jersey

Last week, Riverside - the first municipality in New Jersey to enact legislation penalizing anyone employing or renting to illegal immigrants - decided to rescind the ordinance and join the list of flip-flopping cities that are giving up on this great legislative idea as quickly as they adopted it. So what was the given reason for rescinding the law that WORKED and drove the illegal immigrants out of their town?

It hurt the businesses that catered to illegal immigrants.

Riverside, you are officially On Notice. You have 30 days to reinstate this legislation or face the consequences of becoming dead to me.

The article I read that informed me of the township's legal decision reads more like a heartstrings-tugging pile of blather than a news article. It follows the stories of several small business owners who pretty much SPECIFICALLY set up shop in areas populated by illegal immigrants and catering to the needs of illegal immigrants. Sure enough, when the law worked and the illegals started fleeing the city (having nowhere to work and earn a wage nor a place they could rent and live, which is the point of the law), these businesses in particular saw a decline in customers, and now their boo-hooing has collectively affected the rescinding of the law.

Sorry, but if you own a shop catering to illegals, and you know your town is going to pass a law that scares all the illegals away, and you don't realize your profits will plummet - you aren't smart enough to be allowed to run a business in the first place!

The proper thing to do would be at least one of the following:
- Sell the business while it's still marketable
- Close the business before you hemorrhage too much money
- Move the business or change the business for different clientele

I mean, if you own a restaurant that's only serving Brazilian food because of all the illegal immigrants from Brazil - and then all of those illegals flee the city - wouldn't you CHANGE the menu to something people left in your area would enjoy?

The real problem I have is a combination of businesses complaining to the government over their loss of business (when they should have adapted instead to legal citizen customers) and the fact that the government caved in! Prepare yourself for another horrible analogy!

The government notices that one of its bridges is poorly constructed, in a bad location and has a history of causing accidents because of how dangerous it gets when it rains (so we'll say this bridge is in Seattle). The government does the smart thing and tears down the bridge. Then a bunch of idiot motorists plow through all the "STOP" and "BRIDGE OUT" signs and careen into the river below, because they're used to a bridge being there and are apparently too dumb to read signs, avoid breaking through roadblocks and also seeing NO BRIDGE. They then complain because they fell into a river, and demand not a NEW bridge, but the SAME DEFUNCT BRIDGE be put back. And the government stupidly decides to whip out the 80-year-old blueprints and begin construction of an obsolete, dangerous replica of the old bridge.

I don't know how this can make sense to anyone. It certainly doesn't make any sense to me.

You'll notice that the ONLY aspect of the town's change mentioned in the article is that of CERTAIN failing businesses. They make NO effort whatsoever to investigate the probably-huge improvements to the housing overcrowding, school overcrowding, police force efficiency, crime rate, property value, employment rate, or anything about the LEGITIMATE businesses that catered to citizens and continue to do so! Think Starbucks or K-Mart or McDonalds or even small businesses that didn't pander to illegals are floundering because all the illegals fled the city? I doubt it.

Hell, they even mention one business owner who was smart enough to adapt! He opened his laundromat business when he saw illegal immigrants dragging laundry bags over a mile to do laundry back in 2003 - and then when all the illegals fled, he adapted the business to a wash-and-fold delivery service for young professionals (you know, real citizens). He's obviously still in business, even if the neighborhood around him became a "ghost town".

Riverside, put this legislation back in action, and keep on moving forward to eradicate yourselves and the rest of the U.S. of these illegal immigrant criminals!

And remember:


(A biased article written about a stupid decision made by Riverside, N.J.)

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