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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm waiting for my friend to come in to work to find out if she's still sick and miserable. If she is, that generally means good things for me. I know, it's a sick and twisted thing to secretly desire misery on your friends, but we've been noticing a pattern and we're still testing its consistency.

Whenever I'm having a good day, bad things happen to my friends.
Whenever I'm having a bad day, good things happen to my friends.

We're still figuring out if my days control her luck or her days control my luck, but it's a very odd coincidence that we superstitiously feel might not be coincidence at all. I can only see things from my perspective, and vice-versa for her.

All I know is that on the day that I got a promotion/raise, she had a day that was so horrible, she seriously wanted to quit. Then on the day that I wanted to celebrate the event, my friends (plural, so I think I'm affecting them more than they affect me) were totally miserable over something they wanted being sold out and unavailable, and then we got into a minor car accident while trying to get home from the restaurant. Later, on a day where I was feeling particularly stressed out and miserable, she wound up getting a raise. She got to go home on time to celebrate, and I wound up staying two hours late to finish my insane projects.

The whole thing just awkwardly reeks of this notion of "soulmates" - in that two people are connected on some subconscious level. Most people think of soulmates as a positive thing - that both have the same emotions and brain wavelengths and whatnot in direct correlation with each other. I am overjoyed by something, and my soulmate would be equally overjoyed. And so forth.

I think the same thing can exist with negative correlation instead of positive. That instead of luck and emotions and trends being equal, they run opposite one another. I would attempt to coin the term "anti-soulmate", but it's not like it's the opposite of a soulmate. I think the opposite of a soulmate would be a hooker. It's just a different flavor of soulmate, like a flavor of ice cream that you really can't stand or would make you nauseous (think brussel sprouts mixed with squid). You can't deny that it is indeed ice cream, but it serves only to irritate you rather than soothe you with a sweet chilly treat.

In the end, the waiting was pointless. My friend stayed home sick today. Probably feeling miserable, but also possibly enjoying a relaxing day of sleep instead of being awake and miserable.

I'm guessing it's the latter, judging by the insanely stressful and annoying day mine has become... What a mean soulmate!

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