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Monday, May 19, 2008

No Illegal Immigrants in NC Community Colleges

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A 1982 Supreme Court ruling says that illegal immigrant children are entitled to an education in the public U.S. system through high school. Somehow people got it in their minds that this automatically meant that illegal immigrants are welcome in public community colleges and state universities as well.

In North Carolina, the state attorney general has passed down new guidelines to all 58 of the state's community colleges barring the enrollment of illegal immigrants. The new rules go into effect on Tuesday. Students who are illegally in the United States and will be graduating from high school this month (after leeching from the public school system for numerous years) will no longer be admitted into North Carolina community colleges.

These guidelines do not effect the 16 public universities located in North Carolina, so those are still legal options for the illegal immigrants - for now.

Of course, Hispanic advocacy groups are up in arms and outraged. This is the first decision of its kind, which means that it will likely be challenged in court after the inevitable parade of protests and petitions.

As for those who are undocumented but have received their acceptance letters before the cutoff date of Tuesday, they will still be allowed to attend the community college. The summer session will be starting in just a few short weeks.

As for the 16 public universities that will still accept illegal immigrants, many undocumented prospective students are complaining that they can't afford the out-of-state tuition bills (since they obviously don't have legal residence in the state or the United States in general) and are not eligible for state or federal financial aid (since they obviously don't deserve to leech any more of the government's money after so many years of federally-allowed public school attendance).

So, why don't undocumented students apply for citizenship? Some say its a lengthy and expensive process.

You know what else is supposed to be a lengthy and expensive process? COLLEGE! If you can't hack the tedium and annoyance and price of going through the process to be a legal citizen, why should you deserve the right to attend the tedium and annoyance and price of higher education?

(1) Anti-illegal-immigration groups argue that illegal immigrants are stealing U.S. jobs from legal American citizens.

(2) Pro-illegal-immigration groups argue that most illegal immigrants are doing jobs that most Americans don't want to do in the first place, like picking fruit and janitorial services and menial tasks.

If (2) is true, then why would illegal immigrants need higher education? The only reason for getting higher education (other than "bettering yourself") is to get a better job that is higher up on the corporate ladder - jobs that legal American citizens are already struggling to fight for in the marketplace today.

This just proves that (2) is false and (1) is true.

I just don't see any possible other explanation. It's probably because I'm biased against illegal immigration, but look at the logic. The ONLY reason why you go to college or basically any higher education than high school - is to get a better job with better pay. And the definition of "better job" is almost certainly the subset of jobs that are NOT these "degrading" jobs to which American citizens would supposedly turn up their noses. Which means that illegal immigrants want to take away jobs from American citizens.


I think that it's frankly a brilliant idea on North Carolina's part, and that it needs to take effect in the public universities as well and then spread to the other states. They are totally allowed to do so, given that the Supreme Court only mandates allowing criminal illegal immigrants into our public schools until high school.

I want to see the looks on protesters' faces when their tirades against such laws are faced against this plain and simple argument. And for those of you who, like me, are attacked with the "they're only taking away jobs Americans don't want to do" argument over and over, now you have this bit of weaponry in your arsenal.


(The article about the decision)


Anonymous said...

Other reasons for going to college other than to end up with a higher paying position or to better one's self:

1)learn how to manage non-profits
2)learn adult social skills
3)be able to offer intelligent POV
4)contribute to or participate in local and global issues through persuasion, articulation, and being informed
5) further develop skills in industries where science and technology can improve efficiency and production (not everyone does this for money, some for reasons that are environmental or ethical)
6)contribute to arts, humanities, and sports since rich culture in America is not more than just a pleasure.

I don't see how a 3rd world style caste system in which some are forbidden higher education supports anything "American" This country was built on immigrants, most illegal or not desirable upon their arrival. Should they pay taxes, have a licence, and speak basic English? Yes. Should they be treated like lesser humans, not in my book.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I hate to say it, but that first reply is pretty right on! Think'n about my college ed, and how I run a shelter and all now. Not a millionaire, but I've made a few differences in some peep's lives. Doesn't really matter where you came from or how you got here, as long as you contribute.

Anonymous said...

Dats just sum bullshit rite there....immigrants aren't taking the jobs of others...its just dat Americans are too lazy to do it themselves so you hire immigrants...

&& yea so wat if they want a better future? who doesn't? && they want to go to college to learn && become a better person && yall are making it really hard for them to do....If Americans were smart enough they wouldn't lose their jobs....its called Laziness- so don't blame the immigrants!!!!

Anonymous said...

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