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Friday, August 25, 2006

Illegal Immigrants: RIGHT OVER THERE!

It's official: illegal immigrants simply have more rights than regular US citizens. And I'll tell you why: BECAUSE THEY'RE ILLEGAL. They are, by definition, breaking the law by being in this country without legal citizenship, documentation, et cetera. And with this rise of town ordinances that LOOK like they'll finally be making a difference by banning/punishing those who HIRE or RENT LIVING SPACE to illegal immigrants - it's just becoming more and more clear that while the CITIZENS care, the POLICE don't.

Because in all the photos of the protests, the police are in view to "keep the peace", but the law-breakers are RIGHT OVER THERE!

Let's try an analogy. Let's say that the solidarity isn't for illegal immigrants, it's for another group of law-breakers. Let's say the "Car Stereo Stealing Coalition" was having a march, trying to protest a law increasing the penalty for stealing car stereos. Which means there's about 300 people who have STOLEN CAR STEREOS and are practically CONFESSING to the crime. And the police are there to make sure nobody HURTS the thieves while they march, holding high their stolen car stereos to prove they are members of the CSSC.

How about the "Cuban Cigar Connoseurs"? Marching in a puff of smoke from illegally-purchased cigars down the street, possibly wearing Castro beards. Blowing their illegal smoke right in a police officer's face. Possibly asking them for a light! Just please don't let those other protestors throw water on my beautiful Cubano, eh?

This law makes sense, if you think about it a LITTLE. Okay, rent to a family of illegal immigrants, and you get penalized. Try thinking about it harder, because there's nothing about DEPORTING THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS there. If you're illegal, your landlord gets slapped and punished, and your biggest worry is trying to find ANOTHER PLACE to rent and get THAT landlord punished. And the same thing with the jobs. Imagine if your boss of ten employees hires one illegal. And then your BOSS gets arrested. Sure, the illegal has to leave, but don't you think YOUR job is in danger with your boss in prison or something?

And if you're one of those bleeding-heart liberals who's all "why you being so mean to the poor illegals?" then I have another analogy for you. It's not that great, but maybe it'll shed some light on the animosity that the issue creates:

You're back in the third grade. And you're in line to get some yummy cookies. And you've finally made it after minutes of waiting to the next 10 kids to get cookies. And some mean kid in front of you lets 5 of his friends get "cuts". It not only delays YOUR cookie enjoyment, but THEY get to enjoy cookies BEFORE you and WITHOUT waiting all those precious snacktime minutes that YOU waited. And you complain to the teacher, who just tells you "you're still going to get cookies, so please stop the complaining".

Well instead of cookies, maybe it's healthcare. Or a job.
And instead of minutes, it's hours or even days or longer.
And instead of a teacher, it's the police.

Who does NOTHING about the "cutting". Except tells YOU to stop arguing about it, while not punishing the offenders.

Welcome to our world, liberals.

Maybe there's not enough cookies, like JOBS, and they get them but you don't, because their "cut" in line was because they'll work for less than you.

What we need in this country are police officers and the Department of Immigration to get off their butts and DO SOMETHING about the problem. Building a wall along Mexico is great for keeping them out, but we have to acknowledge the vast number who are already here. In Riverside, NJ where this protest happened, the town has 8,000 and it's estimated that 3,500 of them are illegal immigrants.

And if 200-500 of them get together and protest, how about getting the fucking Department of Immigration over there and deporting some of the fucking illegals??

Don't like our ordinance that chastises you for breaking the law and entering our country illegally?


Get the hell out and the law won't bother you anymore.

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