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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Florida Sheriff Has the Right Idea

It's so simple - I can't believe we hadn't thought of it sooner. We've all seen footage of sting operations, probably on the TV show COPS, where the police will leave a car in a high-crime area with something valuable inside and then just sit back and wait for some criminal to steal it so they can arrest another criminal. Maybe you've seen it and had a thought about "entrapment", or accused them of "creating a crime" when in reality they just created a controlled opportunity for crime rather than having to wait for that person to commit a crime somewhere else.

This idea is about a hundred times better. And we have Florida Sheriff Frank McKeithen, who created the Illegal Alien Task Force. So what's the plan? Well, it's based on the classic notion of "an innocent person wouldn't do that."

The task force gets several police cars together and have them all pull up with their sirens at a construction site. Then all they have to do is see who runs.

The task force chases down the runners and if they cut through private property in the pursuit, they can charge the runner with trespassing. If the runner is hiding on property while fleeing, they also have the option of charing them with loitering. If they get into a car to get away, odds are good that reckless driving or speeding become viable options. Once they're under arrest, a quick check for green cards or other proof of citizenship can lead to the wave of notifications to I.C.E. of who they suspect of being an illegal immigrant.

You can't even accuse the police officers of "creating a crime" - because they're hunting for people who already broke the law. The only crimes being created are created by the criminals who have decided to flee from the police. And if they weren't already in trouble with the law or afraid of being deported - they'd have no reason to run.

And you can't argue that it's not working - because over 500 people have been reported to immigration officials since November by this task force. And the real target is the construction industry, due to the long-standing Florida law prohibiting employers from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. If you're working on a site and five police cars can manage to scare away your entire work crew - your business is obviously not using proper hiring practices.

"[B]uilders are worried the crackdown will deprive them of the labor they need to take part in a building boom in which Panama City's Beach cheap spring-break motels are being torn down and replaced with high-rise condos."

Hey, builders! Try hiring CITIZENS!! Yeah, those people who are legally allowed to be employed in your state and have a much lesser chance of running away from the job site due to police sirens!

I applaud this sheriff and the Illegal Alien Task Force he created. Finally, an idea that works to help combat the rampant illegal immigration in our land. If only more local and state law enforcement officers would offer to chip in and help out the I.C.E. and get these criminals off our streets and out of our country!


Vox Populi said...

They they should go after the employers and get these people employed legally.
YES, he IS creating crime.
What kind of third-world attitude do you have that you APPLAUD police actions of such??? YOU DO realize that these people are just working and committing NO crimes and then they are arrested for bullshit reasons. Wow, what a concept for an American to carry around that THIS is the way we treat those working in our country.
While your heroic sheriff and the heroic POTUS look the other way and allow drug traffickers to proliferate.
Way to keep their uniforms clean, that's for sure !!!!

If they went after the bad boys instead of some poor guy who is working for a living one of those big bad sheriffs might get hurt.
ANYWAY, every BODY knows that the sheriffs are in bed with the traffickers.
They're also in bed with the human-traffickers. These 'illegal aliens' haven't paid their dues to the sheriff and THAT is their real crime.
If you insist I'll post this at your blog but ... you'll have to learn to disagree because this guy is NO HERO.
Not even a HER. or a HE. Not even an H.
He's a dick.
Who should be utilizing taxpayer dollars to protect the taxpayer from the thugs that george bush imported ON PURPOSE. NOT the working illegal aliens.

Wow !! It's even WORSE that you drag it out like this . ...

what IS this fixation with law enforcement??

I guess it would be HILARIOUS to teach the immigrants NOT to run and then what would these sheriffs do for fun??

I predict this guy is going to be in some real trouble.
Tune back in to cops.
You're wrong.
Have a nice day.

BALURDI said...


AaronBSam said...

If they're going after the employers, it should be to punish them for illegally employing them. The only way to legally employ someone is for them to legally be allowed to work and live here.

A third-world attitude is not caring who emigrates to your country because everyone's welcome to grab a piece of the nothingness in hopes they can do something better for the country. We're a world power, and we are supposed to treat our own people the best, like an exclusive club. We don't just let anyone in, you have to apply and pay your dues, and those who are trespassing should be punished and kicked out.

You CANNOT say that these people are "committing NO crimes" when they committed a crime by entering the country illegally.


You are the one who is wrong.

And you have a nice day, too.