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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Butt-Biting Bug Bestows Bliss

I'm going to take a break from the political claptrap and bring you something downright hilarious. Or disgusting. It's really your opinion. Frankly, I find it to be a little of both. But since it comes from Japan, it's already getting several bonus points in MY book.

The name of the craze is "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi" - which literally translates to "Butt-Biting Bug".

The cartoon character is... exactly what you'd expect. It's a bug. Who bites butts. To help people...

Yes, apparently the bite of the butt-biting bug causes happiness and bliss and other randomly-joyous things that you wouldn't expect would arise from a giant bug chomping down on your buttocks. In one scene in the intro (oh, did I mention there's a cartoon show?) - the Butt-Biting Bug takes a glomp on a man's butt, causing him to propel forward while holding his bouquet of flowers, directly into the path of some woman. Wouldn't you know it, they get married! Thanks, Butt-Biting Bug!

Here's some hilarity from a Butt-Biting Bug interview in the Japanese magazine "Sunday Mainichi":

The Butt-Biting Bug is the creation of an artist couple called Uruma and Terubi, who work together under the nom de plume of Urumaterubi.

"I was watching Terubi wash the dishes one night when the words 'butt-biting bug' just suddenly popped into my mind," Uruma tells Sunday Mainichi, recalling the creation of their fabulously famous fairy.

The weekly notes that the current Butt-Biting Bug is actually the 18th generation of its family. Terubi elaborates on the Butt-Biting Bug's colorful past, even if the explanation is a bit bizarre.

"The Butt-Biting Bug's genealogy can be traced back to ancient Assyria. Butt-Biting Bugs traveled across the ocean with Columbus and the current bug's ancestors heard of a land in the east called Jipang and heard tales of how it was filled with gold," Terubi tells Sunday Mainichi. "Generation after generation of Butt-Biting Bugs headed east in search of golden asses until the 17th generation, the mother and father of the current bug, finally arrived here in Japan."

You get to see a glimpse of the parents of this 17th-generation Butt Biting Bug during the intro, as the bug laments over the bitter taste of large city asses - the taste of which apparently causes it to pass out, get a fever, and have fevered flashback thought bubbles showing his parents. Oh, Butt-Biting Bug! Will you ever find a golden ass and bite it to bring pride and honor to your parents??

It's a cartoon. And a CD. And a DVD. It's swept the entire nation of Japan. And now it's on the internet. Is it only a matter of time before the United States is overrun with derriere-devouring delights? Or will our bitter fat city asses keep the critters at bay, across the Pacific?

Only time will tell...

(The article - I seriously can't make this stuff up)

(The Youtube Video)

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