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Friday, October 05, 2007

PETA vs CraigsList

Apparently not satisfied with targets as large as Michael Moore, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or even the NBA, PETA has decided to take a blind stab at something possibly bigger than all of them combined:

PETA is going after CraigsList.

For those of you unfamiliar to the series of tubes we call "the internets" - CraigsList.com is a huge internet site known for classified ads of all varieties. While it's most popular for personal ads, selling an eBay's worth of items and job offers - we're already aware of the darker side of anything large and internet-based.

The spam, porn site links and scams are one thing. You're pretty much going to encounter those anywhere. Recently, CraigsList has hit big in the media spotlight regarding "erotic services" ads and linking them directly to prostitution rings. But I digress, because PETA doesn't give a damn about PEOPLE being treated ethically, just ANIMALS (and maybe one of these days, they'll realize that human beings are animals as well).

PETA is attacking the website for their allowing of "free to good home" ads for people who wish to give their pets to others.

You know, those "cruel individuals" who'd rather spend the effort to find a new home for their pets instead of tossing them into the street or dumping them at an animal shelter.

PETA is claiming that the practice of giving away pets online should be banned from CraigsList because of one incident of an animal-abuser who admitted that at least one of the three cats he tortured and mutilated was obtained through CraigsList.

While I'm sure that this is NOT an isolated incident and that more than one animal-abuser has probably acquired an animal from CraigsList - I'm willing to venture a safe bet that it's a very small percentage when compared to those who acquire a pet thanks to CraigsList and DON'T wind up torturing or abusing the animal. That's like saying that if ONE serial rapist/killer targeted his potential victims through speed-dating events, we should ban all speed-dating because it enables serial rapists/killers. The logic itself doesn't even make sense.

You know what logic DOES seem probable in this scenario?

PETA just doesn't want you to own pets. PETA would rather kill them.

No, seriously. All of these people who want to give their pet to a good home, for free, obviously do not want their pet or can no longer own their pet. If they're banned from trying to advertise and give away their pet, odds are it will wind up on the streets or in a shelter. And we all know what PETA does to animals on the streets and in shelters.

PETA "rescues" them. By which I mean PETA takes the animals in, and over 90% of them are killed by PETA members.

Heck, they've even admitted to owning puppy-killing deathmobiles! Vans driven by PETA employees who go to shelters, pick up a few puppies and kitties, euthanise them with lethal injections IN THE VAN, and then dump the dead bodies in nearby DUMPSTERS.

Oh, but let's not allow people to give their pets to good homes and avoid the shelters! That would lead to crazy things like happy people with new pets and fewer animals for PETA to kill!

Now that I'm done with my logic-process of PETA preferring to kill animals than have them find good homes, I'll go back to the issue at hand - PETA thinking that CraigsList banning the use of their site to give away pets would mean less ability for animal-abusers to have access to animals. The way I see it, people (generally) CARE about their pets. That's why they put "good home" in their ads - because they don't want their pet to go to a person who might BE an animal-abuser. What's really causing the problem is when people post all of that, but don't really care about who their pet goes to. They don't bother meeting or talking to the person who wants to adopt their pet until the switch is made. The question is: if these non-caring people weren't allowed to post on CraigsList to give away their animal, wouldn't the animal just wind up on the street or in a shelter, where there's both little chance of it finding a good home and just as much chance of it winding up the victim of an animal-abuser? I mean, animal-abusers get their animals from SOMEWHERE - and I'm pretty sure most of them get pets through shelters. Or animals they find on the street.

Which all means that no matter what, animal-abusers are going to find animals. So it makes no sense whatsoever to try and limit one of those possible pathways, especially when it does so much more benefit than potential harm to the animals. I personally have friends who have found pets thanks to CraigsList - and they did so from caring people who interviewed them and talked to them before making the official switch.

So CraigsList - keep up the great work! Keep allowing pet owners to find new homes for their pets and letting them have the ability to choose who gets to adopt them.

And PETA - go find another target for your terrorist organization! Every animal given a good home by CraigsList is another animal that never has to see the inside of a shelter and run the risk of getting picked up by your puppy-killing deathmobile!

(PETA's press release about CraigsList)


webdude said...


(I-Newswire) - On a local Minnesota fishing website, many fishermen are expressing their outrage at PETA’s aggressive anti-fishing campaign. In response to recent posts on My Fishing Pals' message forum ( www.myfishingpals.com ), anglers from across Minnesota are showing a united front against the efforts of PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other animal rights groups are aggressively attempting to inhibit all hunting and fishing in Minnesota and other states. These groups are intently focusing their attack on sport fishing, a traditional Minnesota pastime. PETA's message is that recreational anglers cause extreme and needless pain to fish and bait. Their agenda is to heighten the public's awareness to the killing of any fish or animal. In addition, they desire to promote animal rights at the grassroots level, spreading awareness in communities and making sure their message is visible and heard.

To spread their animal rights agenda on a public fishing forum, though, is a slap in the face to all who enjoy hunting and fishing, especially in a state like Minnesota. Known as the “land of 10,000 lakes,” Minnesota offers some of the best hunting and fishing in the nation and these traditions are considered Minnesota’s heritage, recreation, and a vital part of the State’s economy. Regular members of the forum are expressing their rights to hunt and fish and the positive role they play in wildlife management. They are telling PETA to “…go home, we don’t want you here.”

My Fishing Pals ( www.myfishingpals.com ) originated in 2003 as a hobby-fishing site that welcomes Minnesota fishermen to share fishing reports, information, and other items related to fishing. In 2005 a controversial forum was created on the site so that Minnesota fishermen could address fishing and hunting issues. These controversial forums have become an avenue for hunters and fishermen to voice their opinions and concerns and, at times, defend traditional Minnesota values.

Wildbird said...

Screw PETA screw the UN and tell that hindo quack dr to GO BLOW IT OUT HIS EARS im not about to go vegan just to make a bunch of nambdy pambdy wussietards THERE IS NOT GLOBAL WARMING its all a big time lie and besides ADOLPH HITLER WAS A VEGETARIAN

Flu-Bird said...

Hey PETA when the 101 DALMATIONS found out you were going to adopted them they decided to seek assilum with CRUELLA DeVILLE who decided to open up a sencuary for animals hiding out from you pETA idiots

Anonymous said...

I come from the future. Yes, it's 2013 and I report that while I think your opinion on this matter is spot on, people are so strongly following PETA's directive that free animal ads are disappearing from Craigslist almost as soon as they are posted. People are also posting a lot of fake free animal ads in hopes of burying real ads in a mountain of pranks, usually with the phone number of some innocent third party who has no Yorkie in need of a home.

Our shelters have some of the highest kill numbers for the state. Our "rescues" can't adopt enough to make a difference. Many of our rescues won't place animals with perfectly good homes. The process of adopting from them is rather harder than if you were trying to adopt a child.

Given no other options, more animals are going to kill-shelters. Many are euthanized the moment the people leave them, due to space constraints.

And thus animal rights activists cause more animals to die on a regular basis than the people adopting animals from "free to good home" ads.

A dear friend of mine I've known since I was 12 tried to get me to sign a petition recently which was meant to make Craigslist ban "free to good home" ads. When I asked her for solid numbers on the animals who are given away into bad situations, she couldn't tell me. She could only tell me that it happens, is terrible and needs to be stopped.

Ok, fine, but she hadn't really proven that it happens or outweighs the number of animals in my area euthanized by the shelters. I don't think it does.