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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doodle - 01/26/2011

Doodle_110126, originally uploaded by AaronBSam.

Expect a lot of updates in the "Optimistic Pessimism in Action" series of doodles. This is my most favorite example of my particular brand of "optimistic pessimism". Sometimes it's referred to as "double-negative", in a grammatically-correct sort of way.

Basically, in my line of work, despite it being anumber-crunching data-related job, very very little of my job is absolute and hard-fact numbers. This is why I cannot state things are 100% certain. They are just as little uncertain as possible. Et cetera.

Just another doodle done, thanks to a giant project finally being put to bed (for the day) at 4:30pm on a workday.

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