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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Comment Protocol

Hello, Dear Readers.

I regert to inform you all that commenting on this blog has now been changed so that Anonymous guests cannot leave comments.

Basically this was done for three main reasons:

1. 99% of the comments being left here are spam
2. 99% of those comments are being posted anonymously
3. It increases my depression to know that every day I get 6 to 10 comments, but they are all SPAM.

Maybe my upgrading to this new system of registered users being the only ones allowed to post comments, the spam will stop.

Unfortunately, it is likely that the comments will also stop.

But if I have to choose my specifio reasons for being depressed, I prefer the reason that "I am alone in the world and nobody cares about my opinions" rather than "I am not alone in the world but the only beings who care about my opinions are all spambots".

So please. Leave me a comment. Please??

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