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Friday, April 28, 2006

Chicago Bans Food and PETA is to Blame

In a city like Chicago, one would think that there are enough people around to STOP things like this from happening. But PETA and their propaganda went too far, and nobody was smart enough to see through it - because they took it straight to the government this time. Had their propaganda not been shown to a room of the 49 members of the Chicago City Council - the vote would never have been so skewed. The vote was 48 to 1, and Chicago is now outlawing the sale of foie gras.

At least ONE person saw through the propaganda. But now we all have to pay. We just can't pay for foie gras.

The way they went about this should be illegal. It should be considered entrapment, brainwashing, or something that exudes just how "wrong" their game plan was. They took a room of 49 council members, showed them a propagandized video about the cruelty of foie gras production, and then let them vote right afterwards.

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD could tell you that's "wrong".

That's like making a room full of senators watch a gruesome movie about a plane crash and then asking them to vote on some kind of airplane regulation bill. Or like asking a person to watch a Michael Moore movie and then ask them to NOT want to strangle him with his own disemboweled intestinal tract. It's wrong! I will admit that the movie PETA came up with is cruel. Like ALL their videos.

It's okay for PETA to be against "sending lambs to the slaughter", but it's okay to "lead city council members to a vote" in the same fashion.

Which brings me to the major problem itself with PETA - they overgeneralize.

(Okay, and they forget that "Humans Are Animals Too". That's another biggie.)

In the 70's, they had footage of one guy cruelly clubbing a baby seal. Which meant that "ALL SEAL HUNTS ARE WRONG". No, that GUY was wrong and should be punished - not punishing the seal hunt itself. PETA loves to show footage of a circus trainer being cruel to an elephant. Which meant that "ALL CIRCUSES ARE WRONG". No, the trainer should have been fired and maybe punished legally - not punishing Ringling Brothers Circus on the whole. So now there's footage of a bad way to harvest foie gras - by funneling food into a waterfowl's throat so its liver grows to 10 times its normal size. That does not mean "ALL FOIE GRAS IS WRONG". It's a cruel act, so punish the farmers who do it - not the food itself or the people who enjoy eating it.

Know how to PROPERLY get people to stop eating foie gras?

Make it more expensive. Crack down on the farmers, so they can't make livers so big. With regular-sized livers, the price of foie gras has to go up. And if it's too expensive, fewer people will buy it. Profits stay nearly the same - less ducks and geese die as less liver balances with fewer buyers at higher prices.

Less death, no abuse, less foie gras, and the economy doesn't get ruined and people aren't treated like idiots.

PETA - stop treating humans the way humans treat animals. Don't put blinders on our lawmakers so they don't see the machines you're using to coerce them as you propagandize them like A Clockwork Orange.

"Animals are not Ours to Eat?" I say "Humans are not Yours to Manipulate".

Mac Dre is wrong - don't hate the game, hate the player.


UPDATE: For those of you who do not know of "foie gras", how it is made, and question whether it gets done "humanely" - here's an exerpt straight from Wikipedia:

"Production Methods:

Ducks and geese are omnivorous, and like many birds, have very elastic throats which expand and allow them to store whole food in the esophagus while awaiting digestion in the stomach. In the wild this dilation allows them to swallow large items, such as a whole fish, for a long digestive process. A wild duck may double its weight in the autumn, storing fat throughout much of its body and especially on the liver. This weight gain is entirely reversible both in the wild and with farmed fowl used in foie gras production.

The geese or ducks used in foie gras production are initially free range, feeding on grasses that toughen the esophagus. While still free roaming they are gradually introduced to a high starch diet that by itself leads to about half of the enlarged liver's size. The next feeding phase, which the French call finition d'engraissement, or "completing the fattening process", involves forced daily ingestion of feed for 12 to 15 days with ducks and for 15 to 18 days with geese. During this phase ducks are usually fed twice daily while geese are usually fed 3 times daily. The feed is administered using a funnel fitted with a large tube (20 to 30 cm long) which forces the feed into the animal's esophagus. If using an auger system to drive the feed, the procedure takes about 45 to 60 seconds. If using a pneumatic system, the process takes only about 2 to 3 seconds. Care is taken during the feeding process to ensure no damage to the esophagus occurs, which could cause injury or death in the animal.

Force feeding exploits a natural process through which geese and ducks store fat in their livers in preparation for winter migration. The feed, usually corn which is boiled with fat to facilitate ingestion, causes large amounts of fat to deposit in the liver producing the buttery consistency."

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