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Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm a Vlogger!

Okay, so despite the fact that I have:

1) A very good digital picture camera that has video capabilities
2) A digital videocamera that I bought specifically to do videos with

It took my office providing me with a Blackberry so I can be chained to my e-mail and text messages at all hours of the day and night to finally grab a video, put it on a computer, and put in on the internet.

Okay, so I've technically got tons of random videos from the above two devices on my computer at home, but for some odd reason today was the first time I've felt like grabbing some video and making sure I know how to post it to the blog.

I still want to keep doing my Facts of the Day posts. I also want to start doing some video blogging. But there's a lot of things that I want in life and unfortunately most of them take these things called TIME and EFFORT and my non-work life is in short supply of both. Especially now that we've pretty much decided that we're moving in about a month, which means all free time will be split between:

1) My lovely girlfriend (who I need to mention first and foremost because she does come first)
2) Kingdom of Loathing, the best free online RPG-based hilarious game on the internet (join and befriend AaronBSam and I'll give you some Meat - the game's currency)
3) Aika (a closed beta I got into that I'd like to maybe get in on the ground floor for, but who knows?)
4) TV shows (because if I miss The Office, what's the purpose of life?)

Anyway, I gotta get to work, so here's my first vlog - I hope this works!

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