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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Energy Drink Review - Spike Shooter

So on Sunday, I was roaming the streets of the Loop after working extra hours and was feeling thirsty for an energy drink, so I wound up at some 7-11 to check out their selection and something new caught my eye. Mostly because it had a large warning label.

Spike Shooter
Warning - Do Not Exceed One Can Per Day

So of course I had to buy it.

Well, I'll let ME tell you all about it:

So that was Sunday. Then on Monday, I wound up working more overtime, into the wee hours of the morning. Tuesday 7am found me back at my desk on 3 hours of sleep total and I knew these were the perfect conditions where I'd need a real energy drink (not that my standard daily consumption of Amp, Monster or other energy drinks isn't real or anything - just seemed like "warning label"-level energy drink conditions). At 8:30am I was resolved (and wanted witnesses, as most of the office is in by that point) to try this sucker out.

And no, I wouldn't be starting with a half-can to test my tolerance!

HAAAAAAAAA!!! <-- Manly laugh

I think my face on the video and statement sums it all up:

"This tastes like a bad idea."

Here's what I can recall of my day past that point...

Okay, this is no problem. Aside from a bitter taste in my mouth, I'm starting to feel some energy kick in. I think my thoughts are becoming clearer and less-dulled than before the can.

Whoa, this is officially too much energy for my brain to handle. If only they made a beverage to give you lucidity instead of just energy. I can feel my muscles twitching already as the initial caffeine surge moves through my bloodstream.

Leg-shaking has begun. My heartbeat has definitely increased, though I have no way of verifying this statement. If only I could remember how to properly take my radial pulse! The energy is useless if your brain can't harness the power in a positive manner!

Okay, now I don't need to recall how to properly take a radial pulse because putting a hand on my chest yields a perfect monitor for my heartbeat. It is going STRONG - and now I'm worried that this is due to some increase in blood pressure from consuming this thing. I already have a bit of a high blood pressure issue (more stress-related than anything else, but I won't ignore my horrible diet contributing) and I've determined that if my nose (or anything else) starts spontaneously bleeding, I'm going home for the day.

It is at this point that I realize that any further thirst on my end has mindlessly resulted in sips from my standard-issue energy drink. It gets put in the fridge so it's out of my hand's unconscious reach. The warning label only said I couldn't have more that one can of Spike Shooter in a day, it didn't specifically say I couldn't have any other energy drinks! Still, I need to take a break from energy drinks. I grab a less-caffeinated can of Diet Coke and press onward.

Heartbeat still running fast and strong, and now my stomach is really growling. Perhaps I've burned up some energy and need to refill. Perhaps I've just been awake for 21 of the past 24 hours and in that time only had some spaghetti around 9pm the previous night, meaning I should probably take a lunch today.

Stupidly chose McDonald's. Because Shamrock Shakes are back in effect! Upon consuming the french fries, I recall my previous worries about blood pressure. This is not enough to stop me from eating, but at least I gave it a thought.

The headache is now subsiding a little, and I'm feeling a bit more normalized. My leg still has bouts of twitching and I am in no need of any further energy-laden drink.

Headache gone. Can no longer feel heartbeat as easily through chest. Using sentence fragments.

At the time, I was way too into my usual routine to notice much difference going on. This either means that at the 7-hour mark, the caffeine and whatnot has withdrawn to my usual levels - or I'm just way too busy to notice my own physiology. Zen and the Art of Energy Drinks? I dunno.

Finally able to leave the office. All tremors are gone, but I feel the fatigue settling back in as I hit a cab to take me home. I'm still feeling ALERT, but my response time has only deteriorated since about noon and it's very evident during the cab ride.

Had some dinner. Sleepiness is now teaming up with muscle fatigue and it's bedtime. I highly doubt that had I taken this energy drink 6 hours before bedtime that I would be able to sleep at all (the warning label includes the statement to not consume less than 6 hours before bedtime). Altogether, it's been a wild ride - but it provided me and my co-workers with some entertainment in-between the rants about how crazy/dumb I am for doing such a thing.

But hey - if they make the product, I'm going to want to review it!

What do you think? Am I a fool for doing this? Have you encountered/consumed this product? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I drank one of these drinks before a CNA class today.Within minutes i was sweating and anxious. I volunteered to have my blood pressure checked and it had spiked from normal ( 120/80) to 175/100, which is horribly high for the age of 22. My heart was also speeding at 100 bpm compared to normal of 65. This drink is horrible for you and should be illegal.