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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Interesting New Weight-Loss Surgery

I've recently been reading about an interesting new procedure that looks rather promising. It's called a lap-band procedure, which stands for Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding. Basically, they make small incisions to get inside, and then they place this inflatable silicone band around the upper portion of your stomach. This creates a smaller pouch for storing food, so you're not able to eat as much before feeling full. I'm sure that if you look, you can find the best lap-band Tampa facility to have this procedure done.

It sounds a lot like some similar medical procedures that limit stomach capacity to allow a smaller food storage capability, which leads to less eating and eventual weight-loss. I like this system because it doesn't involve damaging the integrity of the stomach itself, it's just a band that clamps off a section of the stomach without DAMAGING the stomach in any way.

All in all, sounds like a great system, and a procedure I might look into in the future.

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WordVixen said...

It's actually been around for a few years. It is technically safer because it's not puncturing the stomach etc, and it can be removed. However, there are more reports of problems with it than with the traditional (can I say traditional discussing this?) gastric bypass. They are usually less severe, but usually continue even after the ring has been removed.