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Monday, December 03, 2007


I think I'm starting to understand why bears hibernate.

Winter kind of sucks, for the most part. Don't get me wrong, I hate the heat and sun of summer and I love it when the temperatures get down below 60 degrees. It's just that once they drop below 30, it's like everyone else shuts down. Nobody wants to go anywhere, nobody wants to do anything, nobody wants to leave the warm sanctuary of their home. Which kind of leaves me isolated in my cave with nothing to do but sleep.

I used to have TV as a fall-back, but the internet has spoiled me when it comes to having to watch commercials, and the writer's strike has meant nothing of quality is available to watch fresh now. The biggest alternatives are eating (which doesn't work, because I like having something to watch while I eat) and sleeping (which totally works whenever).

Hence, I think I slept a majority of the weekend away. And loved it. I think I seriously got like 30 hours of sleep in this weekend. And I'm still tired. I'm loathing being at the office right now and I'd much rather be in bed, in dreamland. Wake me when it's almost spring.

I'm also starting to understand why bears are grumpy to the point of being godless killing machines.

Drag a bear out of his cave before the spring thaw and see what happens to your limbs. I bet mauling and gnawing come into play very quickly. I expect similar flares of anger coming from me today, whether I want to control them or not. Some Mondays, you just have to realize that you're dragging several bears out of their caves a few weeks too early, and the consequences will be dire.

Winter should really be prone to 80-day weekends.

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