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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dating Sites

For me (and all the other single men out there), we have a lot of options when it comes to dating sites. Luckily, there's a new website out there that is reviewing these sites to let us know what extras each of them offers and gives a nice full review of how the compatibility matches on each of the websites.

The site is called Prime Dating Sites, and so far they only have about ten dating sites up and reviewed, but I'm hoping they keep going at it and add more sites to the mix. My personal favorite isn't on there yet - hopefully they'll do a review of OKCupid soon.

I checked out a few of the reviews they'd done, and while they did a great job of describing the extra features and details that come with a full membership - I really wish they'd tell you what does NOT come with the membership. For example, on their page for Perfect Match, they list the detailed matching based on the site's Duet Total Compatibility System, but neglect to let you know that without an expensive membership payment, you have NO access to ANY search tools whatsoever. Also a lovely paragraph about being able to block annoying e-mailers, but no warning that free users can't even send e-mails, let alone see profiles - rendering it a moot point to the free users.

A better job of this was done on the page for Lavalife, though. This reviewer lets you know that with a free membership, you can do the "smile"/"wink" on other profiles to open them up more and let you see each other's profiles - while warning that you still cannot COMMUNICATE with each other. The bane of the single man's dating site, of course. The review lets you know about subscription plans and all of the bonus material, et cetera. Even a blurb about the "Backstage Pass", which I assume pornbots use to post lots of porn pictures and lure people to subscribe to Lavalife just to see them and be lured to THEIR porn site membership as well.

All in all, I feel it's a good site idea with a lot of potential. If they really want to be a site to compare and contrast dating sites being reviewed, there should be an overall page with common features and bonus features and checkmarks to show you which sites offer which services. Of course, including a similar page to list all FREE services offered would be even better.

OKCupid has it all for free still, including searches, communication by e-mail and IM, and various other goodies. I'm sticking with that site - but I'm glad I found this site to show me others that are out there. If you're willing to pay.

This is a sponsored post for Prime Dating Sites.

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